South Carolina Clean Marina Certification

The total cost to become certified is $250, which covers the cost of training, inspection, and materials.

Why Certify?

Having a Clean Marina certification:

  • Recognizes you for doing your part to protect water quality
  • Ensures your facility is following environmental regulations
  • Encourages responsible boaters to patronize your establishment
  • Provides guidelines for educating your staff and patrons on effective Best Management Practices
  • Makes your marina more aesthetically attractive by reducing odor and visual impairments
  • Adds you to a published list of Clean Marinas promoted through the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, SCDNR, and SCDHEC-OCRM

How to Become Certified

1. Take the Pledge

The pledge is a commitment that your marina will become certified and meet the required practices within the next year. Review the guidebook for best practices.

2. Conduct a Self-Assessment

Use the checklist to conduct an assessment of your marina. Upon completion, email the results to

You must meet all applicable Legal (L) and Clean Marina Program (P) requirements. Eighty percent of optional (O) requirements must be met.

3. Sign up for a Workshop

Workshops are conducted several times a year. Check the homepage for when a workshop will be offered or contact the Clean Marina Program coordinator at

The workshop will walk you through the steps to certification and how to get your marina ready for inspection. This three hour class is required for certification.

Registration is $100 and can be applied toward the total $250 certification cost.

4. Schedule an Inspection

Once you feel your marina meets all the requirements on the checklist, contact to schedule your inspection. This must occur within one year of attending the workshop.

Representatives from our technical advisory committee will come to your marina for a site visit to ensure that all criteria are met.

After review by the technical advisory committee, your will receive notice if you have been awarded Clean Marina status. The program coordinator will follow up with feedback if necessary to address any outstanding issues. If you did not pass, you will have the opportunity to make changes and schedule a follow-up inspection.

5. Receive Your Designation

Congratulations, you are now a certified South Carolina Clean Marina! This status will be promoted on our website in addition to our partner websites at SCDNR and SCDHEC-OCRM. You will also receive a certificate and a Clean Marina flag.

6. Maintain Status

To keep your South Carolina Clean Marina status, you must attend a recertification workshop every five years. You must also attend a recertification workshop if your marina changes management or ownership.